Types of Cooling Towers

Principle of Cooling TowerCooling Towers are used in facilities where process cooling is required in order to dissipate the heat that is created as a result of the process application, including power generation, oil refining, steel mills, pulp and paper plants, chemical processing and more.  Cooling Towers are also a necessary component of the HVAC systems used to heat and cool large commercial buildings or server rooms.

Types of Cooling Towers

The types of Cooling Towers used in these process applications differ based on the direction of air flow and the type of draft used to draw moisture from the tower.

Natural Draft – We previously discussed Natural Draft Cooling Towers in this blog, including the parts and service required to maintain these.  Natural draft towers do not rely on the use of fans to draw air up through the structure, but use a tall, chimney shape structure to naturally draw the warm, moist up and out into the atmosphere.

Mechanical Draft – These types of towers utilize fans to move air through the tower, either pushed upward from fans installed at the base of the structure (called forced draft) or pulled upward by fans installed in cells near the top of the tower (called induced draft).

Crossflow – this refers to the direction of air flow within the tower.  A Crossflow tower is designed so that air flows horizontally across the falling water, limiting resistance and reducing fan horsepower needed to produce the draft and meet cooling needs.  A Crossflow tower generally feeds hot water in from decks situated at the top of the tower.  This hot water falls over the cooling tower fill and the air moves in from the sides across the falling water.

Counterflow – this also refers to the direction of air flow within the tower.  A Counterflow tower takes in air that moves from the bottom upward, working against the downward flow of water.  The efficiency of this design lies in having the coldest air meeting the coldest water first near the bottom of the tower.

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