Drive Shaft for Cooling Tower Gearbox

Cooling Tower Addax Drive Shaft

The cooling tower gearbox is a device that is used to regulate the tower’s fan speed. A critical component to the gearbox is the drive shaft, which transmits torque – a twisting force that causes the fan to rotate.

Cooling towers sometimes use fans to draw or force air through the structure in a process known as mechanical-draft. Unlike natural-draft cooling towers, which rely on the natural buoyancy of the exhaust air rising in a tall chimney, mechanical-draft offers a bit more control over the process. Some natural-draft cooling towers use fans to augment the buoyancy effect. This is known as fan-assisted natural-draft. Whether a plant uses mechanical-draft or fan-assisted natural-draft, a quality tower gearbox will need to be used to reduce speed from the motor to the fan. Part of having a properly functioning gearbox involves having a properly functioning drive shaft.

Occasionally, drive shafts can become misaligned or there could be improper end clearance, resulting in the distortion or deformation of the disk pack. Also, drive shafts consist of multiple mechanical parts such as couplings and flex elements, which can be susceptible to damage and may need to be repaired or replaced regularly.

AmertechTowerServices offers a wide selection of drive shafts and drive shaft parts including Addax, Amarillo and Marley. We can provide either composite or steel cooling tower drive shafts, regardless of the existing type of drive shaft. Take a look at the complete menu of drive shafts and drive shaft parts from Amertech Tower Services here ATS Cooling Tower Parts – Drive Shafts.

If you need a repair rather than a complete replacement, AmertechTowerServices can help with that, too. Whether you need the drive shafts to be aligned or you need to replace missing hardware, ATS can provide a tailored maintenance program for your cooling towers. See our maintenance agreements for more information.

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