Drift Eliminator Replacement for Optimal Efficiency

Drift Eliminator ReplacementKeeping your cooling tower components in good condition is essential to the overall performance of your facility. Naturally, these components will suffer wear and tear over extended periods of use, but knowing when to repair or replace these items can save your facility time and money.

When it comes to drift eliminators, which are critical components for any cooling tower and help keep drift off of any adjacent property structures, maintaining their proper functionality can…

  • Reduce the amount of make up water needed
  • Extend the life of the fan blades
  • Extend the life of other mechanical equipment exposed to the air stream

Drift eliminators can become damaged from any number of things. The most common causes of deterioration include algae, moss, slime, mud accumulation and scale. Sometimes, objects on the drift eliminator such as boards and work platforms, can cause the restriction of airflow. Additionally, missing portions of the drift eliminator can lead to increased drift, uneven airflow patterns and an overall loss of cooling tower performance.

Here is a partial list of the drift eliminator brands we can supply:

  • Marley Cooling Tower
  • SPX
  • Brentwood
  • CE Sheperd
  • Tower Components

For a complete list of available brands, contact us directly at 732-389-2200.

If your facility could use help in the repair, replacement or maintenance of drift eliminators, please don’t hesitate to contact AmertechTowerServices. We provide a full range of cooling tower drift eliminator repairs and maintenance on a contracted basis. No matter what kind of drift eliminator or cooling tower OEM your company has, AmertechTowerServices can provide the assistance you need to keep your facility running smoothly.

We invite you to browse our selection of Cooling Tower Drift Eliminators online today.