Cooling Tower Parts for Cogeneration Company

Cooling Tower Drift EliminatorsAmertechTowerServices (ATS) was recently contracted to replace all cooling tower fill and drift eliminators for a major southeast cogeneration company.

The cogeneration company has an on-site eight cell cooling tower.  ATS sourced and supplied the replacement cooling tower parts and the technicians with ATS performed the installation of the replacement parts on the premises.

Cooling tower fill and drift eliminators are both essential components of evaporative cooling towers.  Fill assists the process of evaporation by providing a textured, extended air-to-water surface area, aiding evaporation and creating greater surface area for more efficient cooling.  Drift eliminators prevent water droplets and mist from escaping the cooling tower and potentially releasing chemicals or minerals that may affect the environment.

Over time, fill and drift eliminators will become brittle, clogged and/or will lose film surface rendering them less effective and less efficient at aiding in the evaporation process.  Routine replacement is necessary to ensure the optimum overall performance of the cooling tower system.

ATS completed this cooling tower maintenance project for the cogeneration company safely and on time.

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