Cooling Tower Maintenance for Fortune 100 Company

Cooling Tower MaintenanceCompanies that utilize cooling towers as part of their operations in industries such as power generation, waste-to-energy, and pulp and paper for example, understand the need for preventative cooling tower maintenance to avoid inefficiencies or unplanned plant shut downs.  Fortune 100 companies are particularly aware of this need and the potential impact of an unplanned shutdown – or even increased inefficiency – to their bottom line.

Routine Cooling Tower Maintenance

AmertechTowerServices, LLC  (ATS) recently received cooling tower maintenance orders for a Fortune 100 company to handle preventative maintenance and upkeep on that facility’s towers.  Cooling towers utilize a number of mechanical and non-mechanical parts in order to process, cool, and dissipate waste heat effectively.  Due to the inherently humid atmosphere within the tower, parts typically experience accelerated wear and tear.  Routine inspections and maintenance on all parts as well as regular changeouts on parts such as fill and drift eliminators are essential to the performance and overall lifespan of the tower.

Project Scope

The contract with the Fortune 100 company has ATS providing preventative maintenance services on five separate cooling towers on site.   The towers range from field erected to packaged cooling towers. They are also fulfilling their contract for changing gearbox oil, making adjustments to the fan blades’ pitch as necessary, and power washing the towers.

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ATS is a turnkey cooling tower parts and repair company and serves the needs of the power, industrial and HVAC evaporative cooling markets with cooling tower repairs, aftermarket services, and spare parts.  All ATS technicians are trained in-house and have extensive experience in the field, demonstrating a professional level of dedication to quality and service.

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