Amarillo Gearbox A Series Marley Replacement

Amarillo A Series Marley Replacement GearboxAmertechTowerServices provides a range of replacement parts for your cooling tower gearbox. The Amarillo A Series Gearbox may be used as a drop in replacement for Marley Cooling Tower Gearbox, which makes it a versatile and affordable option. We also sell Marley brand cooling tower gearreducers and replacement parts for customers loyal to that brand.

There are a few reasons clients may opt for the Amarillo Gearbox A Series instead. Namely, the Amarillo Gearbox A Series may be a more affordable option, allowing the user to save money without having to sacrifice quality or efficiency.

Here are a few notable features of the Amarillo Gearbox A Series:

  • The Amarillo Gearbox A Series and the Marley Geareducer line have no differences in the critical mounting dimensions, making it easy to replace one with the other.
  • Gear housing foot patterns are identical, eliminating expensive tower gear drive support modifications.
  • Gear housing and castings are designed to ensure that critical dimensions correspond to those of the Marley model counterpart.
  • All spiral bevel gears are precision machined from high grade alloy steel, case hardened lapped in pairs, allowing for quiet and efficient operation.
  • Oversize slinger on the input shaft provides adequate lubrication in either direction or at half speed operation. Continuous circulation of oil to all bearings is ensured by the location of channels and baffles. Furthermore, a permanently mounted oil sight glass is provided on all double reduction to provide accurate, direct visual determination of oil level.

The Amarillo Gearbox A Series also comes with optional features to further enhance performance. Special output shaft dimensions, backstops (anti-windmilling), oil level switch, oil heaters and thermostats, oil temperature switches, spot-face/drill and tap for vibration transducers, “low speed” option for single reduction gearboxes when motor input speeds drop below 450 rpm and other special accessory items are available.

To learn more about the Amarillo Gearbox A Series from AmtertechTowerServices, feel free to contact us via our online form or call (732) 389-2200.