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Access to Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower AccessAt Amertech, we understand the importance of building and maintaining cooling tower access points that are safe and durable. Whether your facility has ladders, platforms or stairtowers, AmertechTowerServices can help design, construct, repair or replace the access points on your tower.

Because cooling towers can be large, tall structures, safety should be the number one concern when deciding which type of access to construct. Ladders are generally simple, easy structures to build and maintain, but they may not be the safest option, depending on the size of the cooling tower. Platforms allow more space for workers and inspectors, but again, depending on the tower and the needs of the facility, other options may make more sense. Finally, stairtowers offer an added level of safety, due to the fact that the stairs are “broken up” into smaller segments, preventing the threat of serious injury from falls or other accidents. When you contact AmertechTowerServices, you will be able to discuss these options with a qualified cooling tower expert and decide which choice is best suited for your facility.

Likewise, once the decision is made on the structure of the access, the type of material used for construction should also be carefully considered. Modernly, more and more facilities are choosing to go with fiberglass structures over wood, due to its ability to better withstand environmental changes. Wood is still a widely used material and remains popular due to its lower cost; however, the longterm benefits of fiberglass usually outweigh the initial increase in price.

To learn more about Amertech’s cooling tower access services, please connect with us online through our onsite contact form, or call one of our regional offices. In addition to providing top-notch service on a variety of cooling tower repairs, we at Amertech strive to be a resource for affordable cooling tower replacement parts. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to browse our selection and call us with any questions: 732-389-2200.

Fan Deck Repair for Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Fan Deck RepairAmertechTowerServices provides a comprehensive set of cooling tower maintenance and repair services, including fan deck repair. When it comes to replacing, repairing or performing preventative maintenance on your facility’s cooling tower, attention to the fan deck must not be overlooked. That’s why working with the team of experienced technicians from Amertech is so valuable to plants and facilities throughout the nation.

With regional offices in the Northeast as well as the Southeast and Midwest, AmertechTowerServices has a broad reach when it comes to providing safe, reliable and efficient fan deck repair services to a range of industrial facilities. Whether you need a full deck replacement, or just need to repair a few spots of damage, Amertech can provide affordable solutions to help keep your cooling tower’s structural components in the best shape possible.

Amertech’s cooling tower fan deck replacement services can be suited to your facility’s needs and your company’s budget. From switching out plywood for fiberglass or choosing plywood with a fiber-cement overlay, we can provide our expert opinion and discuss the different benefits of each option. As an added bonus, not only do we replace worn out fan decking, we also do an inspection of the deck supports. We do this because we know that a fan deck built with the best material won’t do you much good if the supports are weak and damaged.

Another aspect of our service that helps us stand out is our commitment to getting the job done right the first time. We do our best to work efficiently with minimal inconvenience and downtime; however, we pledge to do the work that’s needed without cutting corners. For instance, while some other companies choose to leave boards extending into the fan stack area, we at Amertech take the time to ensure that the boards are always cut flush with the inside lower flange of the fan stack. This prevents obstruction of airflow and helps the tower continue to operate at a higher level of effectiveness.

For more information on our fan deck repair and maintenance services, please contact us via our online contact form or simply give us a call at the regional office nearest you: 732-389-2200.

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Job Safety Training at AmertechTowerServices

Cooling Tower Job Training & SafetyWhen you work with AmertechTowerServices, you can rest assured that safety on the job is our number one priority. Not only are we greatly concerned with maintaining a safe work environment for everyone involved, we believe that the best way to prevent safety issues is to start with highly-trained, responsible technicians.

Our workforce is unique in that it consists of direct employees who are trained in-house. Our crews are just that – ours. We do not rely on part-time contractors or spend extra time searching for the lowest bid from a foreman. Instead, we at Amertech invest in our workforce of cooling tower technicians by offering them job safety training and fostering a long term relationship with them. Not only does this benefit us as a company, it provides the client with a crew of exceptionally trained, safety-conscious workers.

Our ultimate goal is to make sure every employee returns home at the end of the day without injury. We also strive to create a very safe job environment for your facility’s employees as well. To achieve these goals, ATS has detailed job safety policies in place.

If you’d like to learn more about our on-site repair and maintenance services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Simply send us a message via our online contact form, or call our head office at 732-389-2200.

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Repairs and Maintenance of Cooling Tower Siding

Cooling Tower SidingA cooling tower is comprised of several different components that each requires their own regular inspection and maintenance.  The structure of the tower itself may be housed and protected by siding material and that siding material also requires routine maintenance.

Most cooling towers’ siding consists of casing and louvers. Both materials serve the purpose of keeping water in the cooling tower and its basin, as well as protecting the tower from outside elements. Any hole or crack in the cooling tower’s casing can cause a loss of air through the fill, a material used to help cool the heated water that circulates through the tower. The closer the hole is to the top of the tower, the more significant the effect on the tower’s function.

Louvers help minimize splash out while maximizing the airflow to the cooling tower. Louvers must be kept free of excess algae, moss or scale buildup in order to prevent increased static pressure and keep the level of airflow needed for proper functioning. Newer fiberglass louvers are UV protected and offer a much higher resistance to such problems, requiring less hands-on maintenance.

Because a cooling tower’s siding materials are exposed to the elements of the outdoors as well as the interior heat and moisture from the tower’s output, neglecting to inspect, clean and/or replace the material can lead to serious problems later on. The casing can be subject to holes, cracks and air leaks, preventing the tower from operating effectively and efficiently. Not only could this lead to increased energy use, it may leave facilities vulnerable to EPA citations.

The louvers may be vulnerable to algae, moss and scale build-up, since they are exposed to the moisture within the tower. Letting these problems persist for long enough could lead to serious malfunctions in the tower’s operation, safety issues, and may also lead to expensive repairs/replacements in the future.

For towers that use partition walls, regular checks for loose nails or other defects is important for maintaining the proper direction of airflow. Failing to maintain the partition walls could lead to water being blown out of the bottom of couterflow towers, resulting in improper airflow and a reduction in the tower’s overall performance.

AmertechTowerServices is a leading source for comprehensive cooling tower maintenance and siding rebuilds. With a highly-trained, experienced team of cooling tower technicians, Amertech can diagnose practically any issue regarding your cooling tower’s structure and offer professional, cost-effective solutions. To learn more, contact Amertech today: 732-389-2200.

Mechanical Equipment Maintenance for Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Mechanical Equipment MaintenanceA cooling tower works as an essential structure for many industrial and commercial facilities. The overall purpose is to help waste heat escape and/or be redirected so it can be used properly and to help facilities stay within proper EPA guidelines. In order for a cooling tower to function effectively, all mechanical components must be maintained and inspected regularly.

Mechanical Equipment in a Cooling Tower

In mechanical draft cooling towers, the main components include the electric motor, coupling or drive shaft assembly, gearbox, and fan.  Learn more about Mechanical Equipment Maintenance from AmertechTowerServices.

- Electric Motor

The electric motor is usually located outside the fan stack to protect it from corrosive, humid conditions. Motors should be kept free of excessive accumulation of debris. Proper alignment of the motor is also important.

- Drive Shaft

The drive shaft, which is used to transmit torque and accommodate misalignment, should not be subjected to vibrations from fan blades.  Shaft guards are necessary to further protect the assembly. Misalignment and improper clearance issues are often identified by inspecting the assembly regularly.

- Gearbox

The gearbox, a device used to reduce speed from the motor to the fan, should also be inspected regularly. Oil changes should be done frequently, and the vent lines should be carefully inspected for blockage.

- Fan

As for the fan, one of the most important components of the cooling tower, the proper blade angle and tip clearance must be maintained to ensure safety and effectiveness in drawing the air up through the tower.  Regular inspection for obstructions beneath the fan can also help prevent malfunction and damage to the fan itself.

Mechanical Equipment Maintenance

Because cooling tower maintenance is a broad term that involves the inspection, maintenance, repair and/or replacement of many different parts, it’s important for facilities that use cooling towers to have a solid maintenance plan in place. Regularly scheduled maintenance is essential to keeping your cooling towers running smoothly. Likewise, regular inspections can help prevent unnecessary damage and costly replacements.

AmertechTowerServices provides a full range of cooling tower maintenance and repair services, including replacement parts at affordable costs. To learn more, contact AmertechTowerServices online or call: 732-389-2200.

Cooling Tower Fill Selection

Cooling Tower Fill SelectionWhen it comes to cooling tower fill material, there are four basic options utilized by most cooling towers. These include the cross fluted film fill, the offset vertical fluted film, clog resistant and the vertical flow fill. In this post we’ll go over the options and provide a brief description for each.

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Cross Fluted Film Fill

Cross fluted fill improves water distribution by dividing the water stream as it descends through the fill pack. The design allows the water to be “split” in order to spread the water over a greater surface area and improve the cooling process.

Cross fluted film fill comes in a variety of specifications and sizes to accommodate high levels of thermal performance (KaV/L) and low pressure drop.

Vertical Flow Fill

Vertical flow film is designed with vertical flow channels and large openings to produce higher water velocities. Higher water velocities are needed to create an anti-fouling environment within the fill. Fouling occurs when sediment and other materials build up in a wet atmosphere. By using a vertical flow fill with high water velocity, the pressure of the moving water prevents fouling and preserves the integrity of the fill media.

Offset Vertical Fluted Film

Offset vertical fluted film combines the anti-fouling characteristics of vertical flow with the enhanced water distribution of cross fluted designs. In many ways, you get the best of both worlds with the offset vertical fluted design; however, it may not be applicable in all cooling tower systems.

Clog Resistant Fill

While not a specific design per se, clog resistant cooling tower fill can be manufactured for a variety of fill types. Commonly, clog resistant fill is designed in the offset vertical flute design style. Marley Cooling Tower makes the FB20 Counterflow Film Fill that is clog resistant and constructed of fire-retardant PVC sheets. The texture facilitates air/water mixing and increases the surface cooling areas while the offset vertical flutes provide changes in air and water flow to prevent fouling. (source:

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